All-Natural, Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Mind the Goat is a high-quality, all-natural goat milk soap enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and moisturizers that significantly benefits your skin.

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Our Story

It's heartbreaking to see someone with eczema suffer and not know how to assist. Whether experiencing it ourselves or watching a loved one suffer, we understand the pain of trying different methods try to help ease the pain. No matter what you do or what you try to avoid, nothing seems to help.

That is why we created Mind The Goat. A skincare line designed to naturally fight against all skin-related diseases in a way that is not only effective but gentle on the skin. Our mission is to deliver ethically produced soaps handmade in the UK, that will work with any skin type, any skin condition and any age while perfectly complementing your self-care routine.

Why Mind The Goat?

100% Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are handmade with a mix of authentic goat milk and all-natural ingredients, without any harmful or toxic ingredients often found in traditional soaps. Every ingredient plays a vital role in helping reduce skin inflammation, protect your skin from diseases and keep it well hydrated.

Perfect for All Skin Types and Ages

Goat milk is well known for its soothing effects, which help to gently cleanse and nourish all skin types. It is especially beneficial for babies and young children, as well as people with sensitive skin, allergies, and people who suffer from skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis.

Effective in Treating Skin Conditions

Thanks to its high content of fatty acids, lactic acid and vitamins, Goat Milk Soap helps strengthen your skin barrier and seals moisture in effectively, making it resistant to eczema flare-ups. It also contains gentle-hydroxy acid which acts as a natural exfoliant and dissolves dead skin cells, revealing healthy, younger skin cells underneath.

Natural Beauty with Our Farm's Bounty

We specialize in crafting exquisite, hand-made goat milk products, infused with organic ingredients grown on our farm. We take pride in our sustainable methods and commitment to providing gentle, nurturing care for your skin. Discover the unparalleled benefits of our farm-fresh soaps today.